Corporate Events

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Welcome to the winter warmth of Laurens Hall .. an invitation to an experience where we can create and showcase corporate events within our spaces using timber stillage’s and timber stacks, with an extensive range authentic Industrial pieces for styling.

Corporate Events


Formerly the Victorian Railways Master’s Workshop in the 1920’s, to the Victorian Railways Printing Works in 1950’s, to a vacant ‘shed’ as it is affectionately known housing homeless folk for decades.

In 2001 Blueprint Furniture became the lease holders of the shed and slowly transformed the years of abandonment into a well designed layout, fitting out the space with modern equipment and beginning a new era of Master’s carpentry, manufacturing furniture from recycled timber.




Corporate Events


The timbers had been gathered over more than 20 years, saturated in history from what we now know as a demolition for progress era, and with it came many pieces of furniture which could not raise an eyebrow to be given away, placed in storage and patiently waiting to make their debut in another era.

By late 2012 manufacturing focused on dining and boardroom tables of discerning quality and preparation underway of yet another transformation.



Corporate Events


In late 2014 Blueprint Furniture took backstage to the birth of Laurens Hall .. an invitation to an experience.

The ‘shed’ began to arouse to greet the 21st century.  Like a conductor, the windows at the apex of the saw tooth roof throughout the shed, beckoning the natural light to dance around the space through the 20 foot ceilings, able to catch the light in any one place for just a moment, and awakening the handsome pieces in storage to the beat of a new century.



From a modest beginning of four beautiful young ladies graduating from college in fashion design showcasing their talents to peers, teachers, families and the Industry, to the most recent celebration hosting the Committee for Melbourne dinner, and many like experiences in between.


Laurens Hall has taken many courtesies and offers:

  • Up to 450 formal dining
  • 1000 cocktail
  • Product launches
  • Theatre style conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Film and Photography locations
  • Capacity for vehicles to enter into the space including containers without needing to unbuckle her belt!
  • And much more

An events venue with a difference, we welcome all enquiries.


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